Crawlspace Inspections

FPO istock crawlspace

Mold and fungus can grow rapidly in your home’s crawlspace and creates an environment that perfectly suit for termites, ants and other unwanted pest. These can lead to damage to your home’s foundation, wood floor joist and flooring panels, and costly repair fees. No to mention unhealthy living conditions within your home.

Routine crawlspace inspections is a great way to prevent mold, fungus and eliminate unwanted pest within the home. Having your crawlspace inspected regularly is a proactive prevention solution, and is  considerably more cost effective verses the reactive approach that leads to costly home repairs, and additional pest control pesticides within your living environment.

So be proactive and head off mold, fungus and pest before the have a chance to gain a foothold within your home. Contact us today to schedule a crawlspace inspection.