Crawlspace Moisture

Moisture Control Air Ventilation

The presence of excessive moisture in your crawl space is what leads to mold, which can be both bad for your health and very expensive to treat. It is well known that the best way to prevent mold is to control the moisture. Generally main source of crawl space moisture is ground evaporation and poor ventilation design, not enough or blocked vents. Powered ventilation allows this buildup of excess moisture to dissipate. Effective ventilation not only removes moisture from the crawlspace but replaces it with fresh, drier air providing efficient moisture control. Ventilation also helps to remove strong odors and potentially dangerous soil (radon) gases from the crawlspace.

Segue Environmental will use a combination of powered fans, natural air, vapor barrier, dehumidifiers and our ATMOX® Moisture Control System to monitor and control the moisture levels in your crawl space. By continually exchanging the air in your crawl space with healthier, fresher air beneath your home and foundation, we help prevent many crawl space related issues. It is estimated that approximately 30-40% of the air you breathe in the first floor of your home originates in the crawl space, we can help make that air healthier for you family.
These crawl space ventilation systems are cost-effective and energy-efficient as well as a cheaper alternative to expensive encapsulation solutions. The first step is an effective vapor barrier system in the crawl space, and we will work with the home owner to create the best and most effective ventilation system for your home.